Our Mission and Experience




Our Mission

Our mission at Find Voters is spread positive information about Capitalism through thought provoking concepts and educational facets. 

Our Experience

At Find Voters we have over ten years of experience in predictive analysis. The combined experience of our staff includes 10 years of work in predictive analysis at a Fortune 500 bank, where they created, conceived, and designed risk/fraud models in Italy, England, China, Vietnam, Poland, Russia, Sweden, UAE, Mexico, Japan, Spain, and every state in the USA. Our experience also includes five years of analytical work at a major credit bureau, where customer attributes were created and risk models were generated using SAS, SQL Enterprise Miner, Teradata, for applied statistics in India, Singapore, Thailand, South Africa, Canada, and the USA. These risk models used predictive analytics through the behavioral profiling of customers linked with a desirable outcome. At Find Voters we use the most innovative statistical techniques to find voters precinct by precinct, based upon detailed demographics and behavioral linkage by identifying voter purchasing patterns. Our mission is to increase the value of our clients dollars through creating more voters for any entity that seeks them.